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How to create spaces in your Instagram captions

Have you ever wondered how some people create those nice and clear blank spaces in Instagram captions making their posts more organized and attractive? Do you also want to have posts like these in your Instagram feed, but this time created by you? Then definitely this is the place where you will find the way to create those white spaces and make your next posts stand out in your followers feed!

Let’s see how you can do this in a few easy steps:

  1. Open your phone’s notes application and write the text you want to have in your caption.

  2. Press twice the "return" button exactly next to the end of the previous text or emoji.

  3. Select all your text and copy it from your notes app.

  4. Paste the text in the place where you write your captions on Instagram.

That’s it after that your text will appear to be with the space as it was in your phone’s notes. Post your image by clicking share and let the world enjoy your amazing captions!

  • Don’t leave any spaces after your last character in your text. Press the "return" button directly next to the last character, otherwise it won’t work.

  • By pressing the "return" button only once you simply change line in your caption ;)

  • If you want to add an emoji at the end of your text before changing line or creating space, you do the exact same thing as there was only text.


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