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How does News Feed work on Facebook?

Have you ever wondered how does Facebook decide what appears in your News Feed? Have you ever thought of why you see certain posts on Facebook more often than others? If any of these questions came across your mind, then it’s probably the time to learn the proper answers for them! In this blog post I will explain how the News Feed works on Facebook and make things pretty clear about it.

News Feed attempts to connect people with the posts that matter to them the most! In order to achieve this, a process called ranking is being used in which a personalized and diverse stream of posts are created from the connections that people have on Facebook. More specifically, ranking is a set of algorithms that are used to try to get information about the degree of interest that users of Facebook have in each story that they see on the platform.

The order of News Feed posts can be influenced by a couple of different things and some of those things can have an impact on the ranking of posts more than others. For example, a significant criterion is how often people interact with posts from friends and also what kind of posts they interact with the most; photo, video, link. In addition, an important factor is the engagement of the posts, which is basically the numbers of comments, likes, reactions and shares that they receive from the people that see them.

Facebook News Feed is based on three factors; inventory, signals and prediction. The first factor is inventory and it refers to all the available content on Facebook. This content might include posts from your friends, family, groups you’ve joined, or pages you’ve liked. Another basic factor are signals on Facebook. Signals are used to help choose which content is more relevant to your interests. Those signals include a list of criteria, like how recently something was posted and even things like what kind of phone you have or how fast your internet connection is.

The third and last factor is prediction which is basically where Facebook identifies previous behaviors of yours to decide what will appear to you in News Feed and what will not. Based on the predictions relevancy scores are been made that represent numbers which show how interested you are likely to be in certain posts in your inventory. These scores help ordering posts for each user in the best way possible every time the user is in the News Feed section of Facebook.


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